1 May 2020 India

International Workers Day
May Day
Gujarat Day
Maharashtra Day
1 May 2020 is the 8th day of Ramadan (Muslim Observance).

International Workers Day

Labour Day or International Workers Day is celebrated annually on 1 May to celebrate the working class and labourers across the world.

Socialist and labor unions celebrate this day by organizing programs to improve wages and working conditions of the workforce.


May Day

May Day is celebrated on May 1 every year. May Day is a celebration of the seasons changing as well as a day to celebrate workers’ rights.

In order to protest against the owners of business establishments and other employers and put up a big symbol of their demand, the Federation of Organised Trades and Labour Unions of the United States and Canada decided to celebrate May Day.

Gujarat & Maharashtra Day

The reason why people celebrate the first of May is celebrated as Maharashtra Day and Gujarat Day is the date of the formation of the states.

On the first of May, the existing state of Maharashtra was formed.

Before the establishment of the state, then known as Bombay, people from this region communicated in several languages like Marathi, Kutchi, Gujarati, and Konkani.