10 May Mother’s day

10 may mother's day

10 May 2020 Worldwide

International Mother’s day
10 May 2020 is the 17th day of Ramadan (Muslim Observance).
Day of the National Emblem and Flag of Belarus – Belarus
Father’s Day – Romania
Day of Godchildren and Grandchildren – Argentina
National Journalist Day – Bolivia
National Artist Day – Venezuela

Happy Mother’s Day

In several countries around the world, Mother’s Day is celebrated annually. Although the dates differ each year, it’s commonly observed every year on the second Sunday of May. It’ll be celebrated on May 10, this year.

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to show gratitude, honor, and affection for mothers in various parts of the world.

Mother’s day is a day that helps people recognize the importance and sense of mothers throughout their lives, and is celebrated as a day that gives special attention to motherly figures around the world.

Mother’s Day History

Mother’s Day began as an anti-war movement. Most frequently, Anna Jarvis is credited with developing Mother’s Day in the USA.

Designated by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914 as the second Sunday of May, elements of that holiday have since spread abroad, often mixing with local traditions.

Mother’s Day in Corona Time

Appreciate your Mother’s efforts for you. Thanks for everything she has done for you, and tell her she’s valuable. You are as she is, after all. So prepare anything for her, even in lockdown; call her if she isn’t with you, or make a cake for her.

Pamper her, and take on some of her tasks. It’s her day, so give her all the love and make her feel something extra special.

Mother’s Day 2020