A 25-year-old pastry was discovered in a freezer and was still edible

During the lockdown, Twitter user Michael Patrick revealed he found a 25-year-old puff pastry inside the 30-year-old freezer of his mother.

In a viral Twitter post, a Twitter user wrote about how they had discovered a pastry at the bottom of his mother’s freezer that had expired on March 1995.

Sharing the product image, Michael Patrick wrote, “One of the lockdown’s advantages is that the mother eventually gets to the bottom of her giant chest freezer. Behold the puff pastry which is 25 years old.

Here’s a picture of 25-years-old pastry:

He said the pastry was older than his younger siblings who were born in April 1995 and June 1997. Patrick said that his mother insisted that the pastry was still “good to go” and wanted to make a dessert with it.