A Gujarati man invented the vending machine of PaniPuri

A Gujarati man invented the vending machine of Pani Puri

In a small village in north Gujarat, a young man who has made a vending machine for Golagappa (Panipuri).

If you put a coin of ten rupees or a note of ten to a hundred rupees in it, then it will count itself and serve Panipuri.

Its usage is as simple as ATM and it works the same way.

This Panipuri machine has recently become a topic of discussion on social media.

If the government or any private companies support it, it will not be a surprise if this machine is seen in the local market in the near future.

This machine has developed by Bharat Prajapati, a resident of Raviana village in Kankraj taluka of Banaskantha.

It has taken approximately six months to build a machine with a scrap electronic device.

People have been shocked by this invention of 10th pass Bharatbhai.

How it works

After pressing the start button, you have to select the rupee option on the screen and at the same time notes of ten rupees to ten hundred rupees can be inserted in it.

As soon as the money is put in, the machine scans it and starts removing Golgappas of the same price in a row.

When you take Golgappa under the tap, then the spice water of your chosen flavor will come from it.

Its usage is as simple as ATM and it works the same way. The villagers have started calling it Golgappa ATM.

Inspires the youth to do something new:

There is an atmosphere of excitement even in a village that makes unique machines.

Crowds of people have flocked to Bharatbhai’s house as soon as they got the news that a machine has been built for the only and first Panipuri in the country.

People are also coming from the surrounding villages to see the ATM machine in Panipuri.

The villagers are also overwhelmed to see Bharatbhai Prajapati making good use of his spare time and making the best out of the West with his skills in the machine.

He has also inspired youngsters to do something new.