A real-life hero – Sonu Sood: I’ll be on the road until the last migrant worker reaches home

I'll be on the road until the last migrant worker reaches home

Sonu Sood said the country can’t work without the migrants and, hence, he felt it was his duty to send them home.

Actor Sonu Sood has set examples by coordinating transport services in the midst of the coronavirus shutdown to shuttle migrant workers to their homes across the country.

He also offered his Mumbai hotel for healthcare workers, distributed food among the needy, and fed over 25,000 migrants during Ramzan.

Recently, Sonu revealed in an exclusive conversation with Zee News that he plans to do the work before he can return all the migrants to their homes and it gives him immense pleasure to see these people reunite with their families.

“I will be on the roads until all the workers reach home. I am not concerned about the hard work it takes, I am determined to send them to their families. My phone rings constantly, my social media accounts are flooded with messages. I try to reach out to everyone possible,” said A real-life hero, Sonu Sood.

On being asked what made him take the initiative, he said that the country cannot function without the migrants, and hence, he felt it is his responsibility to send them home.

“It was difficult initially to arrange everything, but I was determined to do so. I coordinated for their travels, took permissions from different states,” Sonu added.

Speaking of the difficulties he encountered, Sonu Sood said the migrants’ paperwork process was a bit exhausting and needed a great deal of work.

Sonu said that his mother, who was a professor, always told him to do charity without letting anyone know and hence I like to stay away from the glare of the media.