A temple where a sign of rain is found just before it rains! Know more this miraculous temple

A temple where a sign of rain is found just before it rains.

There are various mysterious and miraculous temples in our country. There is a temple whose miracle is a wonder in itself.

The glory of the temple that we will talk about today is very different. This temple signals the coming of rain just before it comes.

Located in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, this temple provides accurate information on rainfall. It is believed that whenever it is about to rain, water starts dripping from the roof of the temple even in full sun.

Not only that, as soon as it starts raining, but the water dripping from the roof of the temple also stops completely.

There is a temple located at Benhadad, 3 km away from Vikshakhand village in Kanpur district where Lord Jagannath is worshiped.

This temple is considered to be one of the most ancient temples of Lord Jagannath. The locals call him by the name of Thakur Babaji and the whole village worships him.

Apart from Lord Jagganath, the temple also has idols of Balram and Subhadra. These statues are made of black colored clay stones. There are also idols of Lord Surya and Padmanabha in the temple premises.

The special thing about this temple is that whenever it rains, light drops of water start falling 6-7 days before, and the people of the village know that it is going to rain now, the monsoon is near.

Locals here say the signal gives farmers a chance to save their crops and protect their crops.

Roof dripping is not a special thing but even when summer is running, this roof starts dripping, and then it starts raining. This event has been going on for years in this ancient temple of Lord Jagannath.

It is very interesting and mysterious for the locals as well as the scientists how this miracle finally happened.

So far the weather department and the archeology department have not been able to find out whether this is a miracle or a change in the climate.

A temple where a sign of rain is found just before it rains

If we talk about the temple, the walls of the temple are 14 feet wide. And there is no source of water above.

Every year the procession of Lord Jagannath here takes place in the whole village with jubilation, meanwhile, the whole village is thus involved.

Apart from Kanpur, people from the surrounding cities also come to get a glimpse of God in the procession.

The procession also features various programs and overviews.

People here say that this temple has some such monsoon stones. This temple is very ancient, so people do not know where these stones were brought from.

The locals say that this temple dates back to the time of Mahabharata and the construction of this temple took place after the Kurukshetra war.

Some scientists in the archeology department say that this temple looks like a temple built during the time of Buddhism. So this temple is considered to be of the Ashoka period.

However, some archaeologists say that a peacock feather built on this temple points to the time of Harshavardhana.

No accurate information has been obtained about the history of this temple.