Ajab Gajab Story: The world’s youngest mother, who was only 5 years old

The world's youngest mother, who was only 5 years old

Let’s talk about the youngest mother in the world.

A young woman named Lina Medina, who lives in the Perucapital city, gave birth to a healthy baby boy at just 5 years and 7 months old.

This phenomenon is still a mystery to the medical world today, as to how she became a mother at such a young age has not been revealed.

Lina Medina was born on September 27, 1933, in Tikrapo, Peru.

Lena’s belly began to grow when she was five years old. Lena’s parents felt that her stomach was growing because of her tumor.

After finding out, she has a fetus in her womb. She eventually gave birth to a son by operation on May 14, 1939.

At that time, Lena’s news was covered in the world’s media, including Peru.

Lena’s period began at the age of three. So at the age of 5 she was eligible to give birth to a child.

Her baby weighed 2.7 kg at birth. Lena married Raul Jurado in 1970. In this way a second son was born in 1972.

Lena never revealed the names of the children’s fathers or any of the circumstances that led to her pregnancy.

According to an article published in 1955, in some villages, including Lena’s village, festivals were often celebrated and at the end of these festivals mass sexual intercourse took place and many girls were raped during this time.

Maybe some such festivals should also have a physical relationship with Lena. But to this day it is like the first in the history of the world.