Bacteria cause body odor, now plans to manage odor without destroying the bacteria

Bacteria cause body odor, now plans to manage odor without destroying the bacteria

Odors often come from our bodies. Scientists have found the cause of this stench.

Scientists say the cause is an enzyme that makes bacteria found in the armpit.

This is responsible for body odor. Researchers have named it BO Enzyme.

The research was conducted by the University of York in the UK in collaboration with Unilever.

According to the researchers, Streptococcus homonis bacteria release a special type of chemical that causes odors.

These bacteria have been in the human body since prehistoric times.

Therefore, from generation to generation he has made his place next to man.

This research will be helpful in preparing deodorant

According to researcher Dr. Gordon James, this research has brought many new things to the fore.

As such, enzymes were discovered that make only Armpit bacteria. They have been active in humans for millions of years.

Once identified, the deodorant will now be prepared according to the enzyme so that it can be neutralized or destroyed.

Preparing to control odors without harming bacteria

Researcher Dr. According to Michael Ruden, in addition to understanding the structure of the BO enzyme, we have also been able to understand the bacteria that make it an enzyme.

It also provides information on how body odor works and how to prevent it without harming the bacteria.

These bacteria are caused by a gland that regulates body temperature

According to researchers, the body’s apocrine gland is the cause of these bacteria.

This gland is attached to the skin and removes sweat from the body through the hair.

This gland is found around the armpits, chest and genitals.

It is very important for the body as it helps in controlling the body temperature.