Dhani Cash – Easy to make money online from your mobile

Dhani Cash - Easy to make money online from your mobile

For Dhani customers Dhani Cash is a reward & loyalty system! The Dhani App provides simple ways to earn Dhani Cash on the Dhani App.

Customers can use Dhani Cash for EMI payments, mobile recharges, bill payments, travel bookings, online shopping, and new Dhani products as well or obtains pre-approved Dhani offers.

How to earn from Dhani Cash App?

The Dhani Cash App is open to all Dhani Customers, including loan & non-loan. Users can earn Dhani Cash by the simple and easy ways such as below:

Play Dhani Games: Play easy and simple games all day long like – spin the wheel, stock market game, Dhani quiz, tambola, pool, pacman or dart game and earn up to Rs. 1000 Dhani Cash daily. 
Mobile Recharge & Bill Payments: Get Rs. 10 Dhani cash on every mobile recharge, bill payments including electricity, gas, DTH etc. you make using the Dhani App.
Refer Friends & Family: Refer friend & family to play register on Dhani app, to play Free Dhani games, read Dhani News and earn Rs. 20 on every successful referral. Refer 10 people and earn Rs. 200 Dhani cash.
Bus, Flight & Hotel Booking: Get up to Rs. 100 Dhani cash on every travel booking including bus, hotel or flight booking made through Dhani App.
Avail Additional Loan: Pay your EMIs regularly and be eligible for higher value loans, top up loans and credit line facility from Dhani. Get Rs. 50 Dhani cash on availing additional loan /Credit Line from Dhani.

Go ahead & use the Dhani App to earn Dhani Cash today!

How to Redeem Dhani Cash?

Dhani Customers can enjoy the benefits of Dhani Cash by getting instant cash backs, discounts, exclusive offers, and preview to new products and offerings.

Tip: Earn & enjoy the benefits of Dhani Cash every month to get max advantage:

Paying EMIs
Bill Payments & Mobile Recharge: All Dhani Customers can use Dhani Cash to make bill payments including gas, electricity, water, DTH & mobile recharge from Dhani app, and pay 2% of the transaction amount using Dhani Cash.
Availing New Loans/Credit Lines/Top-Up: Customers with Dhani Cash balances will be given preference for all Pre-approved Loans & credit Lines offerings of Dhani.
New Products/Offering: As an exclusive offer, all new products of Dhani will be first open to customers with Dhani Cash Balances and customers can use part Dhani Cash to avail all such products/offerings.

How much Dhani Cash can I earn in a Month?

The more you use Dhani App everyday, the more Dhani Cash you can earn.

What is the value of Dhani Cash?

1 Dhani Cash = Rs. 1, however, there are limits in using Dhani Cash for each transaction.

Benefits of Dhani Cash:

1) Reduce your monthly EMIs
2) Savings on all transactions you make on Dhani App.
3) Get Pre-approved loans & credit Line offers
4) Exclusive option to use Dhani Cash for new products & services of Dhani App