Facebook enables profile lock for Indian users

Facebook enables profile lock

Facebook announced a new profile lock feature for Indian Users.

The new locked profile feature on Facebook is aimed at ensuring the safety of women users.

Facebook has introduced a new feature that allows users to lock their profiles, preventing non-friends from seeing pictures or posts shared on the page, or expanding the profile image.

Even men will be able to opt for the locked profile option while it is aimed at ensuring the safety of women users. The feature will roll out the next week to all users in India.

Facebook Product Manager Roxana Irani said that user feedback has been taken into account in the update, which comes as a successor to the profile picture guard.

“We started first with the profile because that was the picture that women were most nervous about being downloaded and shared. And so that’s when we first launched profile picture guard. And then over time, we realized it extends beyond the current profile picture to other photos as well,” Irani said over a video call, pointing how the latest feature was the result of a” multi-year journey.

Upon enabling the profile lock, users will be able to see only the person’s profile pictures, but will not be able to expand it or see anything else on the page.

A blue insignia shows the profile is locked. The feature can be accessed from the more profile options, where users will need to tap on Lock Profile. The process will clearly embark the users on what it means to lock a profile.