Facebook launched emojis of coronavirus

facebook emojis - new care reactions

Facebook released new set of emojis that are rolling out for the Facebook and Messenger apps and now they’re available on the regular web versions of Facebook.

The emojis are meant as a way for users to share their support with each other.

The new button is an emoji hugging a heart and will be the first update since the original reaction buttons launched in 2016.

Facebook Announcement

A Facebook executive Alexandru Voica announced the new emojis over Twitter.

“We’re launching new Care reactions on @facebookapp and @Messenger as a way for people to share their support with one another during this unprecedented time. We hope these reactions give people additional ways to show their support during the #COVID19 crisis.”

What are Emojis About?

Emojis are a way to communicate better online. Online discussions lack visual and aural cues that communicate subtle hints about whether something is said in jest or in seriousness.

It’s easy to mistake something written on Facebook as being angry and with unintended emotions attached to a post. The reason is that there is a lack of visual and aural cues.

The original purpose of emojis was to smooth online discussions, helping people communicate better by signaling moods and emotions. That’s their utilitarian purpose.

How to use Heart Reaction on Messenger App:

To update the reaction, you can press and hold down the heart reaction to view the new one. To change it back, press and hold the new Reaction again.