Facebook launches ads for Instagram reels globally

Facebook launches ads for Instagram reels globally

Facebook announced on Thursday that ads will be available globally on its TikTok clone Instagram reels.

In April, the social media company began testing Instagram Reels advertisements in India, Australia, Brazil, and Germany, with the goal of making money from its short-form video feature. BMW, Louis Vuitton, Netflix, and Uber were among the brands involved in the trial.

According to Justin Osofsky, Instagram’s chief operations officer, “we see Reel as a wonderful way for users to discover new content on Instagram, and therefore the advertisements fit organically.” “This new creative approach can benefit brands of all sizes in an environment where customers are already entertained.”

“We see Reel as a tremendous method for consumers to discover new content on Instagram,” says Justin Osofsky, Instagram’s chief operations officer. “As a result, the commercials fit organically.” “In an atmosphere where clients are already entertained, this new creative approach can help brands of all sizes.”

The reel commercials, which will loop and be up to 30 seconds long, would appear between separate reels, according to the business.

Facebook announced on Wednesday that it will begin testing advertisements in its virtual reality Oculus headsets in collaboration with a number of game developers, including Resolve Games.

The social media company’s small-scale testing of VR ads serves as a link between its main revenue stream of selling digital ads and its expanding investment in virtual reality technology as the next technological frontier after smartphones.

Facebook said it will use the test to look into ways to make it easier for developers to make money on the Oculus platform.

“At Facebook Reality Labs (FRL), our major goal is to increase the number of people who use virtual reality, improve the customer experience, and develop our long-term augmented reality ambitions.

We’re also looking into new revenue methods for developers—bringing new AR/VR technology to more people is a critical part of ensuring we’re building a self-sustaining platform that can support a range of business models that unleash new types of content and audiences. It makes it more accessible to everyone,” the business stated.

In the next weeks, ads will begin to show in Blaston, a Resolve action game, and other Oculus titles.

Oculus users will be able to block individual ads or opt-out of seeing ads from a certain advertiser, according to Facebook.