Google is testing a compact weather bubble on Android

Google is testing a compact weather bubble on Android

Google is replacing the Android app’s weather card with a pill-shaped bubble.

You can already see the weather bubble on the Google app for iOS. For Android it is only on certain phones for now.

The latest update in the Google beta app has replaced the search field weather card with a pill-shaped bubble at the top-left corner of the screen.

The oval widget is placed on the opposite side of the account switcher and only features the current weather as an icon and temperature. You will get more detailed weather information if you tap on it.

Google Discover had recently settled on a newsfeed that serves the interest of the user, along with the sports and weather cards. This weather card isn’t ready for a redesign, though.

This swapping a card for a ‘bubble’ is definitely a better look, but you’ll end up skipping the day’s highs and lows, precipitation chances, and your current location. 

But then, on your smartphone, Google does give you multiple control options for temperature and weather.

These include the Discover feed on the left side of the home screen and the latest Snapshots feed from the Google Assistant which comes with a better-looking card and an hourly forecast.

The Discover stream moves more into a list devoted to customized stories by removing the weather card from the Google app.

Sports will likely remain as a recap card for content related to games.

The weather bubble is now available on the Google app for iOS. On Android, on an OnePlus computer running the latest Search beta (version 11.11), you will find the new bubble!