How safe is Remove China Apps? How does it work?

Cyber expert says Remove China Apps app just identifies the app developer’s country of origin by comparing it with the repository database of apps developed in China.

The Remove China Apps application created by Jaipur-based startup OneTouchAppLabs has become the biggest free app on the Google Play Store in just 10 days, with more than 1 million downloads.

The app lets users uninstall all applications built in China, as the name suggests.

It scans the phone of the user and lists the apps that were developed in China.

After that, the user can decide which application to keep and which to remove.

Satyajit Sinha, cyber security researcher, explains that the Remove China Apps app just identifies the country of origin of the app creator by comparing it to the repository of apps developed in China.

Sinha says the app is safe to use and one shouldn’t worry about downloading it on their Android smartphone. “The app scan focused on the installed android application package (APK) only. Hence, it doesn’t affect any change in stored personal data.”

Hetal Patel

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