How To Make Money Using RevenueHits As An Affiliate?


RevenueHits is a self-service ad platform which is operated by the leading media tech company Intango LTD which provides digital advertising optimization for publishers to earn money with their website traffic.

With RevenueHits referral program, you can refer publishers like bloggers, affiliate marketers and email marketers to sign up to RevenueHits for free and you can earn up to 10% of their earnings for an entire year (that is 12 whole months).

Once you’ve signed up with their referral program, you’ll get a referral link with your unique ID that you can share on your website or anywhere else on the web to start sending publishers to try their referral program. For each successful sign-up, you’ll earn 10% of their revenue.

Why Should You Use RevenueHits?

No minimum website traffic required
Access to Varied Formats
Proprietary anti-pop-adblocker
Desktop Interstitial
Clean payment practices

Turn your blog to a Money-making Machine

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