How to schedule WhatsApp messages

how to schedule whatsapp messages

With over two billion users WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular instant messaging networks. It comes with a number of nifty features, like group calls, delete, last seen, and more for everyone.

One function it lacks though is that of scheduling messages. There are no company reports working on a feature that will carry the product anytime soon.

There are also a few workarounds that you can introduce to plan your WhatsApp messages. The tricks are for Android and iOS users alike.

How to schedule WhatsApp messages through SKEDit
How to schedule WhatsApp messages through SKEDit

How to schedule WhatsApp messages on Android

Download the SKEDit app from the Google Play Store.
You need to open the app and set up an account after it’s downloaded.
Select WhatsApp from the list after signing, and tap on WhatsApp again.
Now you’ll need to grant it permissions to access your phone service.
 Return to the app.
Add recipient, then enter your message and lastly enter the schedule date and time.
The last toggle is the toggle for ‘Ask Me Before Sending.’ You can switch it on to let the app notify you before the scheduled message is sent. Or the send automatically can be left turned off.

How to schedule WhatsApp messages on iOS

A third-party app is not required to schedule WhatsApp messages on iOS. To do this you may use Siri Shortcuts. WhatsApp messages on iOS can be scheduled here:

 Download the Shortcuts app from the Apple App Store.
Select the Automation option located at the bottom of the app.
Add a Personal Automation by clicking on the top right corner of the ‘+’ icon and selecting ‘Create Personal Automation.’
Select the time and day of when you want to run your automation. Then tap on next.
Select the ‘Add Action’ option, and select ‘Text.’
Enter your message and then tap on the ‘+’ icon below.
Select WhatsApp. And in the actions list select ‘Send Message via WhatsApp’ option.
Select a recipient and press next.
Check the details and select done.

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