How to set bedtime reminders in YouTube

How to set bedtime reminders in YouTube

We’re all guilty of watching youTube videos in a loop. The chain is too hard to crack, either one music video after another or one news video after another.

Present circumstances, that is the lockdown imposed to tackle the outbreak of Covid-19, have only furthered the pattern. As a result, our overall screen time has significantly increased.

YouTube has a lot of features, some old and some modern, aimed at helping users cut down on their screen time or setting a time limit on it at the very least.

So, here’s that feature on YouTube that will help you cut back on your screen time and a step-by-step guide to using them:

Bedtime Reminders

This feature was launched earlier this month and essentially allows users to set reminders to stop watching videos at specific times.

You can change the settings to ensure that a video you’re watching doesn’t interrupt the request.

You can also dismiss the recall, or snooze it. This feature can be found in Android and iOS-based apps on YouTube.

Here’s how you can use it:

Open YouTube app, and go to the Settings menu.
Turn Remind me when it’s time for bed on or off.
Now, select a start and end time for the reminder.
 If you want to finish watching the video before seeing the bedtime reminder, select ‘Wait until I finish my video to show reminder’, and you are good to go.