‘Hu pan Corona Warrior’ campaign, announced by Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani

hu pan corona warrior

The fourth phase of lockdown is currently underway in Gujarat. The fourth phase of the lockdown will be relaxed by the state government, On 20th May Chief Minister Vijay Rupani announced the ‘I am also a Corona Warrior’ campaign. The campaign will last for a week.

The ‘Hu Pan Corona Warrior’ campaign will run from May 21 to May 27 tomorrow.

Take selfies with grandparents or grandchildren and share with the hashtag Hu pan Corona Warrior.

With that said, always follow these three rules. Create and share videos in the media.

Forcing the elders and children of the family to stay at home.
Don’t go out without work and wear a mask.
Keep a distance of 2 yards(6 foot).
Hu pan Corona Warrior

At the same time, the Chief Minister said, It will provide a loan of Rs 1 lakh per annum at 2 percent interest to fight an epidemic like Corona, whose proceedings will begin from 21 May.

Allocated Rs 5,000 crore from Gujarat to get out of Corona. Gave free rations to laborers for 2 months.