India’s first Zero Waste Juice Bar

India's first Zero Waste Juice Bar

It will surprise you to hear that there is a juice shop in the world that works on Zero Waste Formula. The fruit juice at this shop is found in the same fruit peel. In Bengaluru, Anand Rai runs a shop called ‘Eat Raja’. Anand has also been a radio jockey.

The only mission of happiness is to reduce waste and prevent waste from being generated. He claims that this is the first Zero Waste Shop in India. The shop never uses plastic glasses, paper cups or straw.

The juice of each fruit is given to the customer in an attractive way in the same fruit peel. The crowd of customers to drink the juice in the fun shop is never less.

No need to use plastic or paper, so Anand does not give any juice in a parcel. This is what sets him apart from all others. His father had been running the shop since 1980, but after his death Anand quit his job as a radio jockey and took over his father’s shop and adopted the Zero Waste policy.