Only 21% of users want to uninstall the TikTok app because it is Chinese: Survey

Only 21% of users want to uninstall the TikTok app because it is Chinese: Survey

The India-China standoff in Galwan Vallery last week, where the nation lost 20 of its brave Indian soldiers, has fueled anti-China sentiment among many Indians.

Because of this many want the government to ban the country’s sale of Chinese products and also block Chinese-origin apps.

On June 17 and June 18, the Indian Institute of Human Brands (IIHB) conducted a ‘gun-shot’ telephone survey to understand customer opinion regarding Chinese brands and Indian celebrities endorsing them and also the use of China-based applications such as TikTok.

IIHB asked a few quick-fire questions to 408 people on whether they will uninstall TikTok because it’s a Chinese app and according to the report 56% know TikTok is a Chinese app.

32% didn’t know about it. The report also stated that only 21% said they’re going to uninstall TikTok because it’s a Chinese app, while 62% said ‘maybe’ and 11%t said no.

The report stated that “the actual country of origin of all Chinese brands is lowly known.” Overall, in the case of China, the report noted that only 32% of respondents had a country of origin correct.”

This has two implications:

1) the Chinese brands have done a good job of masking their Sino identity and many consumers actually believe that they are local brands, perhaps because of their ubiquitous presence in the media and on retail shelves.

2) Consumers do not actually care about their country of origin, “the IIHB report stated.

Folks at IIHB also asked questions related to Vivo being Indian Premiere League’s (IPL) main sponsor. Around 72 per cent said a Chinese brand shouldn’t be the title sponsor of IPL, while 14 per cent see no problem in that.