Rafale Fighter Jets arrived in India – All details you need to know

Rafale Fighter Jets arrived in India - All details you need to know

Today is the day we have been waiting for 22 years. With the arrival of French Fighter Rafale in the country, the country has got a new fighter plane. #RafaleInIndia has been trending on Twitter since this morning.

Preparations for Rafale’s reception, on the other hand, had been going on since Tuesday. People were appealed not to go to the terrace, not to take photo-videos till 5 pm on Wednesday.

The country got ‘Sukhoy’ 22 years ago.

India had earlier bought Sukhoy from Russia in 1997-98. In the year 2001, it was decided to buy a new fighter jet. Rafale was shortlisted in 2012 after 14 years. However, it took him eight years to reach India.

Why should Rafale be kept at Ambala airbase?

Ambala Airbase is 200 km away from the western border of India and Sargodha Airbase of Pakistan is also close by.

If Rafale is here, quick action can be taken against Pakistan on the western border.

Ngari Gar Gunsa Airbase in China is 300 km away from Ambala Airbase opposite Leh.

Fighter jets like Jaguar and MiG-21 Bison have also been deployed at Ambala airbase before Rafale.

The first Raphael’s landing was made by Captain Harkirat, the wife, also the Wing Commander in Ambala.

Harkirat Singh, Commanding Officer of the 17th Golden Arrow Squadron of the Air Force and Group Captain of Heroic Chakra winner Group, was the first to fly the aircraft in a bench of 5 aircraft.

4 other Rafales landed behind him. On September 23, 2008, he was awarded the Chakra of Valor for risking his life to land the plane safely despite an engine failure.

His wife is also a Wing Commander in the Air Force. He is currently posted in Ambala.

The ability to carry a nuclear missile makes Rafale the most different

Rafale can fly at a very slow speed of only 28 km per hour in the air, as well as the speed of 1,915 km / h.

It is capable of striking in the air as well as attacking the ground from the air.

It can also be used for a nuclear attack.

Not even Pakistan’s most powerful fighter jet-16 and China’s J-20.

Javed Ashraf sat in the cockpit before Raphael left
Javed Ashraf sat in the cockpit before Raphael left

This Rafale will be a part of the lives of the people of Ambala

Rafale means storm. The people of Ambala will see Rafale day and night for the next few months.

Upon arrival, the Indian Air Force will provide round-the-clock training on it.

This training will cover every section related to this aircraft.

Sergeant Khushbir Singh Dutt, who retired from Ambala Airbase, said the Jaguar fighter plane came to India in the 80’s when he was on the job.

The pilot and technical staff then underwent day and night training.

Somewhere in the reception, ladu was distributed and somewhere drums were played

Security was beefed up at the Ambala Air Force Station from Tuesday. Helicopters have been flying over the air force station since morning. There are police everywhere.

Celebrations began in the city just before Rafale arrived. The tricolor was waved to the beat of a drum. The ex-soldier danced a lot on this occasion.

MLA Asim Goyal shared Ladwa in the joy of Rafale’s arrival. Goyal appealed to the people to welcome Rafale by lighting lights in the evening.

PM Narendra Modi’s tweet on ‘Rafale in India’.