Social Distance / A hat called “Tandoori” will make you distant from people

Social Distance A hat called Tandoori will make you distant from people

Pravin Singh Solanki, Associate Senior Faculty, NID, has designed 2 caps that maintain social distance. Which provides protection against corona transition to people with fashion.

Wearing which will automatically make people follow social distance. The designer has created a bamboo cap with a circumference of 45 cm.

Along with fashion this hat has face shield and back cover. Hate fashion is accompanied by light weight, durable, comfortable as well as button operating folding.

He has named the hat ‘Tandoori’. Professor Praveen Solanki said that India is the second-largest producer of bamboo in the world.

The design of the hat was given to the tribes of Dang

The design of this unique hat has been given to the tribals of Meghalaya as well as the Visdalia artisans of Dang who have been making unique bamboo items for years, the professor said.

The production of hats will provide them employment and make them self-sufficient. The other cap he has made from ordinary cotton fabric with a hood of 45 cm.

So that the wearer maintains distance due to the hood when he meets another person. It has a face shield and covers all sides.