The 7 Best Social Media Sites in 2020

the 7 best social media sites in 2020

How do you choose where(on which social media platform) to invest your time? The best move is to have at least a presence on each of the biggest social media sites.

Let’s take a look at each of the Social Media Sites:


Headquarters: Menlo Park, California, USA
Founded In: 2004
CEO: Mark Zuckerberg
Active Monthly Users: 2.6 Billion

The Biggest social media network, Facebook is tried and true, and no matter which kind of business you have.

Some of the leading industries on Facebook include financial services, eCommerce, media, telecom, technology, consumer goods, retail, gaming, entertainment, and automotive businesses.

2. Twitter

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, USA
Founded In: 2006
CEO: Jack Dorsey 
Active Monthly Users: 330 Million

If your company is linked to culture, sports, politics or marketing, on Twitter you stand to gain enormous dedication.

3. LinkedIn

Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California, USA
Founded In: 2003
CEO: Jeff Weiner 
Active Monthly Users: 303 Million

If you’re looking for decision-makers with the power to employ your company, store your product, or partner with you, LinkedIn is where you need to be.

The network has 303 million active monthly users, 40% of which visit the site daily. 90 million senior-level influencers and 63 million decision-makers use LinkedIn.

4. Instagram

Headquarters: Menlo Park, California, USA
Founded In: 2010
Owner: Facebook
Active Monthly Users: 1 Billion

In January 2019, the photo-sharing platform Instagram reported 500 million daily active Stories users worldwide, up from 400 million global DAU in June 2018.

Instagram is also a social network, where companies, influencers, and coaches focused on brands will flourish.

5. Snapchat

Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, USA
Founded In: 2011
CEO: Evan Spiegel
Active Monthly Users: 360 Millions

If your target audience is young, you’re probably trying to get in on Snapchat.

The most active users are Snapchat, who are 13-year-olds, and who spend more than 30 minutes a day on the site.

Snapchat is a platform for content created by the user, behind-the-scenes videos, exclusive offers and takeovers by influencers.


Headquarters: San Francisco, California, USA
Founded In: 2010
CEO: Ben Silbermann
Active Monthly Users: 335 Million

Some of Pinterest’s most common content includes pins related to fashion, food, decor, wedding, exercise, and the DIY.

81 % of Pinterest users are female – if you need a primarily female audience, that’s a good reason to spend time on Pinterest in social media marketing. 40% of new Pinterest signups are male.

7. Reddit

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, USA
Founded In: 2005
CEO: Steve Huffman
Active Monthly Users: 430 Million

As per Alexa rankings, Reddit is one of the top 20 most-visited sites.

Reddit is a place for every brand and company – it’s about finding niches where your future buyers are involved and immersing themselves in.