The man discovered a 120-year-old tunnel under his house

The man discovered a 120-year-old tunnel under his house

Millions of people have been quarantined at this Corona-time. People close to home keep someone doing something new to pass the time.

Meanwhile, a man started breaking down the wall of his house. Breaking this wall a tunnel was found behind it. Supposedly, the tunnel is more than 120 years old.

Jack Brown, who lives in Devon, UK, never thought that the steps he took to pass the time would never be forgotten in his life.

Jack is spending time at home because of the lockdown. Meanwhile, his eye fell on a patch in one of the walls of the house.

Something different was being seen on this patch of the wall. In the meantime he wondered what would be on this different patch that caused the wall to start breaking down.


In a short time, he made a hole in the wall so big that he could easily get to the other side.

After this, Jack was annoyed to see if he passed through this hole and went to the other side of the wall. Inside the house was an empty large area.

However the place I was looking for was an old tunnel which was covered by paints. This tunnel is 120 years old.

“A little curiosity and a little fear proved true for me,” said Jake, annoyed by the tunnel. Which caused me to have a hole in the wall.

I drilled 2 holes in the wall. One to look at and the other to look at with a torch, when I saw it I realized, this is a tunnel.

Builders’ material was also seen when Jack landed in the tunnel after making a hole in the wall.