The unique story of the Twins sisters ‘Nature’ and ‘Future’

The unique story of the Twins sisters 'Nature' and 'Future'

For every parent, their children are paramount. Every parent strives to give the best in the upbringing of their children from birth.

When a child is born first, then the effort to name it unique and meaningful begins. Many parents spend days and months searching for a name.

Something similar happened in the family of Mayurbhai Jani who lived in the Naranpura area.

Mayurbhai has two daughters. The eldest daughter’s name is ‘Nature’ and the youngest’s name is ‘Future’. Mayurbhai says, ‘Ever since my daughter was born, I thought I would give her a unique name.

Months passed in thinking. One day at 12.30 pm I came up with the name ‘Nature’ and I woke up my wife to discuss this. She also liked the name Nature and we named our daughter Nature at one o’clock in the night.

Every parent wants their children to be connected with nature and make a lot of progress in the future, so they named their second daughter ‘Future’. Family and friends were also happy with the unique name of the daughters.

Many started saying in front of us that give unique names to our children. ‘ He further says, ‘The world is so vast, it can know and understand the world so I have sent my two daughters to study in the USA. I always advise them to return to the society which has given them so much in any way. ‘

Wife Meghabahen says, ‘Nature is named after Rashi but Future is not named after Rashi. It took us a year to name Nature and Future when we were eight months old. Nature is ‘Nature Lover’ as its name implies.

She is fond of painting and when she was in school, she had an exhibition of about 3 paintings in Ravi Shankar Art Gallery. She wanted to donate the proceeds from the painting to her school.

Future and his friends have created a YouTube channel and upload videos of students who want to study abroad to watch.

Nature and Future arrived in Ahmedabad a few days before the lockdown in March.

Nature has been studying architect in the USA for three years while Future has been studying biological engineering there for one year.

Both are currently running online lectures. Innovative is working with it.

Created a YouTube channel so that students studying abroad do not get in trouble

We took admission from here and went to study abroad. The small and big problems that we had did not happen to other students, so we got together with 12 friends and created a ‘pouringthetea’ channel on YouTube in the month of May.

We keep posting different videos of our experiences once or twice a week. Some friends who are in another country talk about the problem there and its solution. Instagram has also created a public page. So that the students get help.

The spelling of my name and Future is one or different – many ask to me

‘The person in front of me doesn’t believe my name. A lot of people think I’m kidding. The spelling of my name and Future is the same or different. I have fun. I am currently doing biological engineering in the USA. I am currently studying online but a video of the lecture is posted in our college, I have to watch it at some point and give it a test, so I watch the lecture during the day. ‘ – Future Jani

We are quickly remembered by people because of the name

‘99% of people are surprised to hear my name. Then when I hear my sister’s name Future, I am even more surprised. People often think we are both twins. But Future is four years younger than me. I really like my modern name. We are quickly remembered by people because of the name. My online lectures start at 6:30 pm local time, sometimes ending at 2:00 pm or 5:00 am. There is no time fix. After that, in addition to completing the assignment given to us, renovation is going on in the house and I am getting involved in it as I am studying Aktech. I can’t do anything extra because of my remaining study schedule. ‘ – Nature Jani