We have to learn to live with Coronavirus

We have to learn to live with Coronavirus

Now after the WHO, the Central Government also said that we have to learn to live with Corona.

What are the things we need to take care of to live a healthy life?

“We have to live with Corona, learn from the experts in the world how we can do that,” the central government.

If you go to the office, do not sit in a small cabin with more people.
An associate professor at the Boston University School of Public Health (USA) Christopher Gill says that when you move from a five cubic foot room to a 10 cubic foot room, the infectious air pressure will drop eight times. That means the risk is eight times less.
Do not share tiffins in the office and walk if the office is close.
Get in the habit of wearing gloves when going out.
Do not touch any surface frequently.
The risk of infection in public transport is six times higher. So do not touch the railing and seat of the bus-train. Get out of it and wash your hands.
Keep in mind that you and your family have had routine vaccinations while traveling.
If you have not been vaccinated against chickenpox and rubella, apply immediately.
Do not wear loose-fitting clothes while traveling.
Also avoid wearing rings, bracelets and chains.
Keep with you a bottle of water on the trip.
Wipe the handle of the shopping cart with wipes when you go shopping.
When you go to make a payment, make an online payment instead of giving cash.
Also keep a distance of six feet with other people while shopping. Don’t go in the crowd.
Don’t create a shopping list on WhatsApp or any other app, so you don’t have to take out your phone frequently while shopping. Make a list on paper and throw it away later.
Vitamin D deficiency reduces the ability to fight infections, so take the morning sun, says Dr. Michael Holick, Professor of Boston University.

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