Vijay Nehra became emotional, tweeted – Thank you Ahmedabad

Vijay Nehra became emotional, tweeted - Thank you Ahmedabad

IAS Vijay Nehra, who is serving as the Municipal Commissioner of Ahmedabad, has been replaced amid the outbreak of Coronavirus.

But with the change, Ahmedabad’s people have given an unprecedented response in their support.

Vijay Nehra has been removed from the post of Ahmedabad Municipal Commissioner and transferred to the post of Rural Development Commissioner at Gandhinagar.

But before leaving Ahmedabad, he thanked to people of Ahmedabad by tweeting on Twitter.

Vijay Nehra Tweeted:” Thank You Ahmedabad for making my tenure as Municipal Commissioner Ahmedabad, successful and memorable. In less than 2 years, we could several things TOGETHER due to the exceptional support that all of you gave. I GOT MORE THAN WHAT I GAVE. Thank you All for the Love and Respect that you gave to me. It was way more than what I deserved. Ahmedabad City has now become an inspirable part of my existence, Forever. Bye Bye Ahmadabad.”

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In the last many years, Vijay Nehra may have been preceded by a municipal commissioner who has received such unprecedented love and respect from Ahmedabadis.

Officer Vijay Nehra served as the Ahmedabad Municipal Commissioner for about 2 years and now Mukesh Kumar has been appointed as the Ahmedabad Municipal Commissioner.