Google Duo will soon support group calls with up to 32 people

Google Duo will soon support group calls with up to 32 people

Google Duo will soon increase the number of participants permitted over a group video call, a publication has been verified by Google.

The report cites the company to say that Duo will allow up to 32 attendees to enter a group call early.

The production comes at a time when people around the world are using the coronavirus pandemic-owned video-chat software heavily.

Google has confirmed to the publication that Google Duo will soon be supporting group calls of up to 32 users, according to the Android Police report.

Currently the platform allows up to 12 participants during a community video call that was increased back in March from eight participants.

To note, the community video calling on Google Duo started back in April 2019 with up to 4 participants.

New AR effects that match the user’s facial expressions are another new feature that is now anticipated.

With the latest updates Google is hoping to send tough competitions during the coronavirus pandemic to competitors like Zoom and Facebook.

A recent study indicated India accounted for the most Zoom app downloads in April amid numerous government and other security alerts.

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